designed to feel beautiful at home and beyond

In 2008 Inese Ozola launched a fashion house named Amoralle. The brand has become the most iconic and successful loungewear brand in Latvia.
Femininity has been a life-long passion for Inese and her mission is trough Amoralle empower women all around the world. She believes that each woman has her unique femininity which is authentic and beautiful. And her dream is to create community where people, who appreciates gentle powers significance, comes together and inspires each other.
The brand is a synonym with quality, sustainability and hand-made details. Inese stands for transparency, fair working conditions, respect and dignity in all supply chains of her company. She believes that everything should be made in a way that fits the world we live in today: beautiful and sustainable. All Amoralle products are produced in Riga - Latvia.

Amoralle atelier is located in Riga - Latvia, where artisans of Amoralle interpret the designer’s wishes, visions and understandings. Crafty and experienced seamstresses can bring any design to life and that is what makes Amoralle gowns so special. The factory is divided into three parts - fabric cutting section, sewer section and quality control section where each gown is ironed and prepared for client.
When the ateliers hear or see the designers vision, they set the work on prototypes for each piece. Depending on prototype, few changes are made to create desired design and fit. At least two fittings are required to achieve perfect result. Each detail is cut and sewn with hands. The fabrics are prepared: cut, pinned and sewn. With the threads passed around the pattern, the work finally becomes three dimensional. The pieces are then ready for assembly.
Each Amoralle gown is created specially for each client and goes trough all steps to result in perfect outcome.